An analysis of consequentialism and deontology in personal views

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A Framework for Making Ethical Decisions

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Consequentialism and Abortion

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Utilitarians also differ in their views about the kind of question we ought to ask ourselves when making an ethical decision. Consequentialism is a normative ethical theory class that holds that, the consequences of a person’s conduct are the basis for any decision about the wrongness or rightness of that conduct.

Although Deontology and Consequentialism differ a lot, both focus on conduct. The foregoing are just a sample of the ethical approaches a healthcare professional may adopt in practice and it may be argued that there are three main moral theories from which these approaches may, in part, spring, namely virtue ethics, deontology and consequentialism.

Compare and contrast utilitarianism and deontology. Utilitarianism is the principle that the correct form of action be taken to benefit the greatest number of people. Deontology is defined as the area of ethics involving the responsibility, moral duty and commitment.

The Argument from Self-Defeating Beliefs Against Deontology. call the argument from self-defeating beliefs. The charge of this type of argument amounts to exposing a psychological nature of. 8 For more on satisificing consequentialism, see Slote's Common-Sense Morality and Consequentialism, ch.

3. 9 John Stuart Mill, Utilitarianism, in Utilitarianism and Other Essays, ed. Alan Ryan (London, ), p.

An analysis of consequentialism and deontology in personal views
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