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Which is best? Top bunk, lower bunk or loner bed? It's strictly personal preference. Oct 09,  · Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Education - I write about personal finance, it's important that students make the most of college dorm life.

Seeking personal gain, including but not limited to referrals, contests/giveaways, Is dorm life and all that's included with actually any good?

largely unhelpful statement but dorm life can either be great or be unbearable depending on who lives within your close proximity.

It's really hard to tell you whether or not it will be a good. Jun 06,  · I used to think that I could do the dorm-hostel life forever. I’d like to think that I am young, hip, and that little things don’t bother me (like intense snoring and rummaging around for.

This isn’t an all encompassing post–this is my personal opinion. And that can change too. 😉. A list of residence halls from worst to best at Ohio University Home and of course adding in a little personal opinion, I have complied a list of FRESHMEN ONLY residence halls from worst to best.

Embrace the communal bathrooms, loud neighbors, and annoying quiet hours because the dorm life is essential to the college experience and.

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