Write an informal command in spanish

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Imperative mood

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What are Informal Commands (Spanish)?

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Write an informal command in Spanish with the verb venir. I turned this in once and this is what me teacher said: A command would have ven or "no vengas"/5(4). informal imperative / imperativo informal Imperative As it was taught in the first lesson about Commands in Spanish a special type of mood is used when ordering or telling someone an order.

The negative command form is actually the Tú form of the Present Subjunctive and therefore similar to the Formal commands (except that we add the Tú marker: the "s ".) Let's take a look. To form the negative Tú commands, you need to first remember how to.

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To say this in Spanish, we would first determine if the command was formal or informal, and then conjugate the verb. For the informal command, "comer" would be conjugated like the first person indicative (él/ella/usted come) and then paired with the second person informal subject pronoun: "Tú come.".

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Write an informal command in spanish
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